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Our Projects

Go beyond farming

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Vegetable Marketing Organization

The VMO indoor cultivation project in Cheung Sha Wan was commissioned in 2021. It utilizes a system design (hardware and software) similar to Full Nature's design at our Kwai Chung Farm, with modifications tailored for hydroponics and their specific requirements.

Farm Fest

VMO has commissioned another project to develop a turnkey system based on Full Nature Tech, aimed at showcasing and raising awareness of urban farming through public displays.

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EMSD has commissioned this project to leverage Full Nature's advanced IoT platform, encompassing both software and hardware components. The objective is to develop a solar energy monitoring system that operates independently, capturing precise data and transmitting it to the cloud for AI analysis.

The project has been honored with a Gold Medal at the 48th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva.

3rd Party Research

We also offer research systems for third parties at our farm, with data being sent to a party located in the Netherlands.

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Full Nature collaborates with local universities to conduct research on the symbiotic relationship between microbes and plants. The results of these studies are highly promising and exciting.

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